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Books, Booklets, Ledgers, & Diaries

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Clothing, Uniforms, Textiles, & Rugs

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This collection focuses on items made from various forms of fiber or that are mostly made or embellished with large amounts of fiber material. The…

Coins, Tokens, & Promotional Disks

This collection focuses on coins, tokens, & promotional disks. These items can be made of almost any substance and can be an amalgamation of several…

Documents, Papers, & Articles


Drawings, Paintings, Engraving, & Lithography

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This collection focuses on representations and likenesses in the form of drawings, paintings, engraving, & lithography. The representations and…

Earthenware, Stoneware, & Porcelain


Furniture- Tables, Chairs, Cases Trunks, & Cabinets


This collection focuses on items built mainly from wood or from various forms of material that were fashioned into furniture. The furniture can be…

Indigenous Culture, Native Works, Objects, & Decoration

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Locations In Farmington NH


This collection focuses on specific locations in Farmington New Hampshire. Most of the locations are a landmark, park, important building or…

Media-Film, Video, Digital Representation


This collection focuses on media. Tapes, film, digital video, digital audio, or other digital media representations that do not have physical…