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Books, Booklets, Ledgers, & Diaries

History of the rise and fall of the slave power in America by     Wilson Henry Volume 3.pdf

Clothing, Uniforms, Textiles, & Rugs

Farmington NH Quilt Made By Sarah A Horne Kelly.jpg

This collection focuses on items made from various forms of fiber or that are mostly made or embellished with large amounts of fiber material. The…

Coins, Tokens, & Promotional Disks

Farmington Bicentennial 1798-1998 Commemorative Key Chain.jpg

This collection focuses on coins, tokens, & promotional disks. These items can be made of almost any substance and can be an amalgamation of several…

Documents, Papers, & Articles

Fire Destroys Dole & Waldron HO Rondaeu Industrail Building Farmington News, Page1, 1944-02-11.pdf

Drawings, Paintings, Engraving, & Lithography

J F Cloutman Portrait Engraved By H B Halls & Sons New York.jpg

This collection focuses on representations and likenesses in the form of drawings, paintings, engraving, & lithography. The representations and…

Earthenware, Stoneware, & Porcelain

Ceramic Bicentennial Plate.jpg

Furniture- Tables, Chairs, Cases Trunks, & Cabinets


This collection focuses on items built mainly from wood or from various forms of material that were fashioned into furniture. The furniture can be…

Glass Tableware, Glass Memorabilia, Glass Objects, & Glass decor

1988 Farmington NH US Constitution Bicentennial Commemorative Glass.jpg

This collection focuses on items made from glass: glass tableware, glass memorabilia, glass objects, glass decor that are mostly made or embellished…

Indigenous Culture, Native Works, Objects, & Decoration

Historical NH October 1952 Issue - NH Remembers The Indians Booklet.pdf

Locations In Farmington NH


This collection focuses on specific locations in Farmington New Hampshire. Most of the locations are a landmark, park, important building or…