Drawings, Paintings, Engraving, & Lithography


Drawings, Paintings, Engraving, & Lithography


This collection focuses on representations and likenesses in the form of drawings, paintings, engraving, & lithography. The representations and likenesses may be created from oils, acrylics, ink, pencil, pastels, etc. They may be on many different substrates, but are often on processed forms of paper or canvas. This collection does not include photography.

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Black & White Lithograph Print J F Cloutman Residence Farmington NH
A black & white line lithograph print of the J. F. Cloutman residence in Farmington NH encased with a wood frame under glass. The two story residence can be see, as can the front porch, side porch, and back and side additions. The home has extensive…

J. F. Cloutman Portrait Engraved By H.B. Halls & Sons, New York
A portrait of Farmington businessman and Cloutman Shoe Company owner J. F. Cloutman.

Size: 8.75" x 12"
Condition: Good-lower right corner is clipped a bit.

FHS-Kyle Leach

1914 Graphite Drawing-House-62 Main Street Farmington NH
1914 Graphite Drawing-House-62 Main Street Farmington NH

It was signed Leon Nahikian. But was either done by Sarkis Marookeh Nahikian born 1893 or his younger brother Dickran Marookeh Nahikian born 1899. This family emigrated from Armenia to…
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