Tools, General Implements, Utensils, Instruments, & Simple Devices


Tools, General Implements, Utensils, Instruments, & Simple Devices

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Portable Student Chalkboard Farmington NH High School
A portable, double sided, student slate chalkboard framed out in wood. The chalkboard was found in a box in the attic of Farmington NH High School. The chalkboard has chalk marks from the last use. It appears the student was working on simpleā€¦

Mary Evelyn Kimball Pencil Box & Short Bio
Mary Evelyn Kimball's wooden, rectangular, pencil box. The box has metal embellishments on the top corners and a metal keyhole in the front of the box.. The box contains a pencil, pen, nib, and two keys.

Mary Evelyn Kimball was born in Novemberā€¦

G.E. Mooney & Son Inc. Handle Display with Stand
Red Handle


"G.E. Mooney & Son Inc.
Farmington NH"

Silver Metal Stand
Wheat Decoration


"Meriden Silver Plate Co"

Metal Corkscrew With Wooden Cover
Metal Corkscrew with Wooden Cover. Item has black stamp or ink inscription. Item appears in good condition.

Inscription Reads:
'The X.L Saloon...Farmington N.H. ..."
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