Clothing, Uniforms, Textiles, & Rugs


Clothing, Uniforms, Textiles, & Rugs


This collection focuses on items made from various forms of fiber or that are mostly made or embellished with large amounts of fiber material. The fibers can be natural or man-made. Most fiber items in this collection have been fashioned into clothing, uniforms, linens, rugs, or other textile based decoration. Some were used as everyday household items and other were for used for special occasions or ceremony.

Collection Items

Farmington NH Geometric Quilt Made By Sarah A Horne Kelly
A geometric quilt made by Farmington NH resident Sarah A Horne Kelly. This is a full quilt with a rectangular shape. The quilt pieces are white and coral on the front and are square patterns made from triangular pieces . The center of each square is…

World War II Uniform
World War II uniform. Jacket, shirt and tie are included. Service member is unknown. Buttons include representations of the a simplified version of the Great Seal of the United States in minor relief. An Eagle, with wings spread, shield in front, and…

Farmington NH  Knights Of Pythias Uniform
Farmington NH Knights of Pythias uniform. Black uniform jacket and a blue vest. The first photo is of the full jacket which appears black in color, but has lightened to a gray-black.

The second photo is close look at the jacket buttons. Each…

Farmington NH Knights Of Pythias Uniform
Farmington NH Knights Of Pythias uniform jacket. The first photo is of the full jacket which appears gray in color with a lighter gray stripe running along the button opening in the front and along the bottom of the jacket and collar. Upon closer…

Clothing of Sarah Mullin Waldron
Farmington resident Sarah Mullin Waldron born, 1853 died, 1932. She was the second wife of Augustus Scott Waldron and the mother of Jeremy Richard Waldron Sr., a well-known lawyer, judge, and NH state attorney general. There are actually four pieces…

Farmington Woman's Club Textile
A digital photo of the textile, featuring representations of notable buildings in Farmington NH, made by members of the Farmington Woman's Club. This item cannot be found in the collection of the museum and does not belong to the Farmington…
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