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Art, Music, Movies, Dance, Drama & Culture

Joachim and Lucie Schuller Museum circa 1973.jpg

This exhibit has photos, articles, and documents covering art, music, movies, dance drama, and culture in Farmington, NH over time. Farmington has a long, rich history of supporting the arts and culture in the community. Farmington was once home to the Farmington Opera House, the Joachim & Lucie Schuller Museum of Art & Chivalry, and an MGM Strand Theater. The downtown has hosted many department stores, fine jewelers, milliners, dress shops, and photography studios. In the late 1800's through the early 1900's Farmington was a destination and many famous speakers and lecturers visited Farmington. Over the years Farmington has also been graced with the presence of many authors, poets, playwrights, artists, singers, musicians, and dancers and some have called Farmington home.

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