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Disasters In Farmington

1936 Flood EJ Kelley and Company Shop.jpg

This exhibit contains photos, articles, and documents covering disaters that happened in Farmington, NH. Farmington like any other town that has had a share of disasters, natural, and man made. This exhibit pulls togther some of those diasters whether created by fire, water, wind, or human error. Once in the exhibit please selct an event at the right to go to the records you wish to research.

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Farmington Factories & Businesses & Services

Leavitts Show Factory Circa 1910.jpg

Documents, photographs, and books detailing the small businesses, the factories, large scale businesses, and service companies in the town of Farmington.

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Farmington NH & Strafford County NH Maps

StraffordCo_1856_wall map web.jpg

This exhibit includes maps, articles, and documents covering topography, position, and location in and around Farmington, NH. Many of the maps of the downtown area contain detailed information and keys. When viewing the Sanborn-Perris fire insurance maps pay great attention not only to the keys, but also to the year of the map being viewed, and how the specific information on tenants, building upgrades, etc. has changed. Surveys were taken regularly and though the roads and building may not change greatly between survey years, tenants and building alterations do.

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Farmington Schools, Students, Educators, & Administrators


Documents, photographs, and books detailing the schools, educators, students and administrators in the Town of Farmington.

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Postcards Of Farmington NH

Photo Postcard Glen Street Grammar School.jpg

This exhibit covers the varied photo postcards of Farmington NH. These post cards tell the colorful stories of Farmington via photograph and cover subjects from Farmington's early agriculture, to the town industrialization, to landmarks, memorials, and buildings throughout the town. A few cover prominent figures. The decades represented range from the late 1800's though the early 1900's.

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