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Disasters In Farmington

1936 Flood EJ Kelley and Company Shop.jpg

This exhibit contains photos, articles, and documents covering disaters that happened in Farmington, NH. Farmington like any other town that has had a share of disasters, natural, and man made. This exhibit pulls togther some of those diasters whether created by fire, water, wind, or human error. Once in the exhibit please selct an event at the right to go to the records you wish to research.

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Events, Celebrations, Parades, & Memorials

Farmington Town Players Nostalgia Cafe USO Revue Show Flyer .jpg

Over the years Farmington, NH has hosted many large and small scale events, held joyous parties, celebrations, and parades often, and have honored sacrifices and hardship with memorials and reflective services. This exhibit contains documents, articles, and photographs detailing those activities in Farmington.

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Farmington Citizens

Judge HallPhoto.jpg

Documents, photographs, and books detailing the lives of people in the town of Farmington.

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Farmington NH Annual Town Reports

2000 Annual Reports of the Town of Farmington New Hampshire .pdf

Farmington NH Annual Town Reports contain a wealth of information about people, businesses, policy, warrants, and budgets of the town over time. Earlier reports have deaths, births, and marriages recorded. Once in the exhibit please select a time range at the right to go to the correct time period and find the report you wish to research. The museum has physical copies of most reports from the 1870's through the mid 1950's. We are working on finding reports to add to the collection for most the mid 1950's through the present. If you have copies you would like to donate please let us know. Digital copies of reports from the 1870's to the present are being added as the museum has time. PLEASE NOTE: These resources were created during the 19th or 20th century. They have biases stemming from those periods.

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Information & Photography Collection Booklets For Farmington, NH

TheFarmingtonHomeDirectory1935Farmington NH.pdf

This exhibit brings together the many information and photography collection books that have been made about Farmington NH exploring the notable people and places within the town.  Most give a general history of the town, but a few concentrate on specific arenas or a single person like Henry Wilson, who was the 18th Vice President of the United States. Most were created during the 19th and 20th century, so they have biases stemming from those periods.

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