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Souvenir of Farmington New Hampshire
Souvenir booklet from the Farmington Old Home Week Association, 1904.

Wooden guest book with decorative leather binding. Paper pages inside. Guests have signed the book on multiple pages inside from 1941 to 1950. Has a front, back, and spine wood panels. Interior panels are plain. Back panel is plain. Front panel and…

Life of Henry Wilson booklet 1954.pdf
Henry Wilson 18th Vice President of the United States
Serving under President U. S. Grant
Born in Farmington, NH
February 16, 1812
The Natick Cobbler's
Rise to Fame


50th Anniversary Old Home Celebration 1954 Booklet.pdf
50th Anniversary Old Home Celebration 1954 Booklet


Farmington NH Calendar Created by the Goodwin Library in 1992.pdf
Farmington NH Calendar created by the Goodwin Library in 1992. The calendar features historical images from Farmington's history.


B&M Bulletin 1977. This edition of the magazine covers the history of the NH Cocheco Railroad. It features information and a photo about the Farmington NH station on page eleven.


Nedeaus Vest Pocket Guide of the Town of Farmington.pdf
Nedeaus Vest Pocket Guide of the Town of Farmington


NH Profiles Magazine April 1952-SchullerMuseumFarmingtonNH.pdf
NH Profiles Magazine, April, 1952, Vol 1 No. 4-Article About Schuller Museum Farmington, NH

First Congregational Church Farmington NH 2002 Directory-Abridged

The New England Gazetteer contains descriptions of all the states, counties and towns in New England from the period. It also describes principal features such as mountains, lakes, rivers, capes, bays, harbors, islands, and resorts or notable places.…
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