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1905 Farmington High School Football Team Farmington News Clipping & Photo January 1969.jpg
A Farmington News clipping & photo from January 16, 1969 of the 1905 Farmington High School Football Team. Names of the team members shown are listed.

Size: 6" x 7"
Condition: some yellowing


1905 Matted Photo Farmington High School Class.jpg
A matted photograph of the 1905 class of Farmington High School. Most are in baseball uniforms. The photograph mat has a name list embossed on the bottom.

Condition: Two copies exist in the museum. One is in excellent form, the other is torn in…

Congregational Church Anniversary History Account 1907 Farmington News, Page2, 1907-09-06.pdf
An account of the Congregational Church anniversary & history from the 1907 Farmington News, Page2, September 6th 1907 issue.

This is a digital file and does not exist in the physical museum collection.

FHS-Kyle Leach

1907 Photograph Ten Rod Road School With Embossed Matted Back.jpg
Photograph taken in 1907 of the Ten Rod Road School. Photo has an embossed mat and contains information about the teacher and students on the back.

ID list is as follows: Teacher-Miss Seaward
Students- front row right to left: L. Ralph Wyatt,…

Farmington1908_01 Dartmouth Digital Collection.jpg
1908 Farmington NH color map showing Main Street through Crowley Street, Elm Street through Grove Street. Shows settlement, houses, buildings, roads, , landowners and more.

This item is a digital file and it does not exist in the physical museum…

Farmington Woman's Cub Start Page 2 of The Farmington News, published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, May 13th, 1910.jpeg
1910 Farmington News articles covering the formation of the Farmington Woman's Cub. The articles start in May of 1910 and continue until October of that year. The articles discuss meetings, dues, officers, membership, and some future planning.…

1911Niddy Noddy Bennett Triple Sprin Farm Donated Margaret Jenness Hapsis.jpg
1911 photograph of the short lived celebrity, Niddy Noddy, a pig born in April of 1911, with several genetic anomalies, on the Bennett family Triple Spring Farm. Niddy Noddy was immortalized on a postcard, made after an accident killed Niddy Noddy.…

Souvenir Postcard The Wilson Rock.jpg
Souvenir Postcard of the Henry Wilson boulder is centered and trees are to the right and a hill to the left, with a few trees in the background. Handwritten information stamped, or print font at the bottom front list "The Wilson Rock." and printed…

History Of Strafford County New Hampshire and Representative Citizens By John Scales. Farmington information is located on pages 488-491.

This is a digital file and does not exist in the physical collection.


1914 Graphite Drawing-House-62 Main Street Farmington NH

It was signed Leon Nahikian. But was either done by Sarkis Marookeh Nahikian born 1893 or his younger brother Dickran Marookeh Nahikian born 1899. This family emigrated from Armenia to…
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