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Souvenir Postcard Cloutman Electric Light Plant.jpg
Souvenir postcard Cloutman Electric Light Plant with divided back. Black and white souvenir postcard of the Cloutman Electric Light Plant Farmington, NH. Photo of the light plant is in center of the card embedded in a decorative bark like frame with…

The Turn Cocheco River Farmington NH Published by W J Evans.jpg
Divided back style, colorized souvenir postcard of The Turn, Cocheco River, Farmington, NH. The river, with short white falls are in the foreground and trees along the river edge along the background, Postcard has footnote at bottom front which says…

Souvenir of Farmington New Hampshire
Souvenir booklet from the Farmington Old Home Week Association, 1904.

Sign for Democratic Ticket Senator Brown, Governor
Sullivan, Congressman Roy

Varney's Market Outside.jpg
A September 1986 Puddledock Press Spotlight of  Varney's Market.The article reads:Varney's MarketThere is a country store in town that his been here since approximately 1900. Eighty-six years ago; Ma,. Pa, Junior and Sally could have walked into this…

Farmington Ambulance corps President Seymour Bowden accepts donated painting from Samuel Ward Warren.jpg
A short caption and article from the September 1986 Puddledock Press detailing the Farmington Ambulance corps President Seymour Bowden accepting a donated painting from Samuel Ward Warren.The caption reads:The Farmington Ambulance Corps, would like…

NAPA Auto comes to Town.jpg
September 1986 business highlight for NAPA Auto, written by Pam Bouchard, for the Puddledock Press.The article reads: A new NAPA Auto Parts Store has recently opened in town on Route 11. Proprietor , Mr. Cameron Kirkpatrick is an Alton resident with…

BRLW 1.jpg
Digital photos of Sarah Mullin Waldron & Augustus Scott Waldron. Farmington resident Sarah Mullin Waldron born, 1853 died, 1932. She was the second wife of Augustus Scott Waldron and the mother of Jeremy Richard Waldron Sr., a well-known lawyer,…

Safford and Son Jewelry Store Advertisement Front .jpg
Two sided Safford and Son Jewelry Store advertisement both front and back. front side has general information and marketing-back side has a list of services and goods available.

Size: 3.25" x 6"


Rochester Radar April 2017SingerSongwriterRickyReillyFront.jpg
Rochester Radar April 2017 featuring Farmington resident, singer/songwriter Ricky Reilly, with interview and photos. Ricky Reilly, a 30-year-old graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, worked at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. He wrote the song…
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