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Souvenir of Farmington New Hampshire
Souvenir booklet from the Farmington Old Home Week Association, 1904. the booklet contains photographs, general information, important dates, histories and biographies of interest all from Farmington, NH.


Collection of color digital photos of the celebration of the restoration of the Recreation Building, site of the Old Town hall & Farmington Opera House.

Size: Varied sizes, most are around 640X425.

Kyle Leach-FHS

Wooden guest book with decorative leather binding. Paper pages inside. Guests have signed the book on multiple pages inside from 1941 to 1950. Has a front, back, and spine wood panels. Interior panels are plain. Back panel is plain. Front panel and…

Metal Corkscrew with Wooden Cover. Item has black stamp or ink inscription. Item appears in good condition.

Inscription Reads:
'The X.L Saloon...Farmington N.H. ..."

2014-05-07 09.49.11.jpg
A 1963, vinyl long-playing record It is labeled as a memorial album. The LP features the inaugural address, civil rights speech, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon Debate and the Cuban Crisis, Alliance for Progress, New Frontier, and Berlin Wall…

Red Handle


"G.E. Mooney & Son Inc.
Farmington NH"

Silver Metal Stand
Wheat Decoration


"Meriden Silver Plate Co"

White ceramic souvenir glass. Tumbler sized. Has an applied notation in letters saying "Souvenir, Farmington N.H." Behind the notation there is a floral spray on gold.. The upper rim also has a tiny gold band encompassing the entire circumference. …

Letter sent to W.T.Thompson 1891

Fraud letter sent to Letter sent to W.T.Thompson 1891. Document has been put on new paper and retyped at a later period circa 1950's. No sign of original document this was taken from.

Compendium of the History of the Boston Post Cane, as related to Farmington NH

A collection of news articles, photos, photocopies of articles and photos collected together in a binder accounting for the history of the Boston Post Cane.


Constructed in 1823 it replaced an earlier pound dating from 1802, only three years after the first town meeting. This type of structure was typically constructed in New Hampshire towns in the 18th and 19th centuries, and was used to contain stray…
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