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History of the rise and fall of the slave power in America by     Wilson Henry Volume
A history of the rise and fall of enslavement of people, in the United States and the power surrounding it. Written by Henry Wilson. Volume one of three volumes. Approximately 694 pages.

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Life of Henry Wilson booklet 1954.pdf
Henry Wilson 18th Vice President of the United States
Serving under President U. S. Grant
Born in Farmington, NH
February 16, 1812
The Natick Cobbler's
Rise to Fame


Article Clipping From 1970 Farmington News.jpg
1970 article clipping(with photograph) from the Farmington News, detailing the gift of a 9x12 photograph of an engraving of Henry Wilson to the Goodwin Library. The item was being gifted by the Farmington News co-publisher, Fred Noyes. The head…
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