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Historical Society Roscoe Chamberlain Fred Dexter Roger Nutter and Stanley Place Henry Wilson Stone.jpg
Roscoe Chamberlin, Fred Dexter, Roger Nutter and Stanley Place are in this photo. All were members of Farmington Historical Society cleaning up the area around former Vice-president Henry Wilson's stone, at the Farmington Country Club. They were…

Jeff Durell of Barrington has loaned this item to the Farmington Historical Society for viewing and we now have digital photos of the chair that we will keep in the online museum. It is a small child's rocking chair, purportedly commissioned for…

Life of Henry Wilson booklet 1954.pdf
Henry Wilson 18th Vice President of the United States
Serving under President U. S. Grant
Born in Farmington, NH
February 16, 1812
The Natick Cobbler's
Rise to Fame

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