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Farmington NH Sanborn -Perris Map Co Limited Color Map 1892_04 Main Central.jpg
1892 Farmington NH color map showing Main Street through Central Street. Shows settlement, houses, buildings, roads, , landowners and more.

This item is a digital file and it does not exist in the physical museum collection.


Farmington  NH Photo Collection in book Robert and Frances Rollins.pdf
Mixed photo collection of Farmington landmarks & buildings, mostly downtown, circa 1920-1930. All are placed in a leather photo booklet with holding corners and cloth ribbon for binding.

1936 Flood EJ Kelley and Company Shop.jpg
Mixed collection March 1936 flood photos. Mainly downtown. Photos contain buildings, shops, cars, wide street shots, and a few shots with people.


Mixed photo collection from the the Puddledock Press. These photos are stored together. They are from different periods of time. Last pulled together for possible use in 1986. Please read each photo explanation for possible details. If you haveā€¦
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