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Farmington Town Players-A Christmas Spectacular Program 2015.pdf
A program for the 2015 Farmington Town Players production of "A Christmas Spectacular." The event multifaceted entertainment combination including "The Living Nativity" and "Roll'in in Dough in Mistletoe,' skits and renditions of holiday classics..…

Farmington News, Page2, 1930-07-04.pdf
A Farmington News article talking about Independence Day. This is Page 2 of the Friday, July 4th, 1930 issue.The piece about independence Day reads: JULY FOURTH The 'News goes to print this week on the eve of the great American holiday. Independence…

Built 1850s Images of Farmington Book page 85 School Street School.jpg
An archive of documents and information related to adding the School Street School to the NH State Register Historic of Places, as researched by the Museum of Farmington History, Farmington Historical Society.

FHS- Kyle Leach

A 1919 Farmington Class Graduation Program with a ticket/invitation for a ball at the Farmington Opera House, as well as, calling cards collected from many classmates. The program is ink printed on heavy pressed paper. The binding for the program is…

1940s advertisement from the Farmington Country Club.

This is a digital file and is not in the physical museum collection.


FarmingtonMemorial Day 2018 Observance Program.pdf
The Farmington Memorial Day 2018 observance program photocopied or printed on Paper. It details the events and ceremonies to take place, starting at the Pine Grove Cemetery, moving to the South Main Street Bridge, and then ending at the Old Town…

1965 Black & White Fire Dept Retirement Photograph Front.jpg
A black & white photograph of the retirement of 1st Engineer and Fire Chief Marshall Gibbs Sr, taken on April 4th 1965. The photo includes four men standing behind a table with a Farmington Fire Department protective helmet atop it . On the back the…

The carved nut baskets are made from acorns, walnuts and chestnuts, carefully carved into tiny baskets. A few have semiprecious stones attached and all are finished with a shiny coat of shellac. They were hand made by Deke Varney. The talent and…

Speakers 118th Memorial Day Observance May 1986.jpg
From June 1986 Puddledock Press article with the photos:Farmington recently celebrated its 118th Memorial Day Observance. While lacking the usual parade, the day was none the less filled with reverence and gratitude for those gone before.…

Farmington NH 101st Anniversary Memorial Day Exercise Booklet 1969 Front.jpg
Farmington NH 101st Anniversary Memorial Day Exercise Booklet 1969. The booklet is four pages, printed in blue ink on paper.

The front page is simply decorated with a single, five line, angle border, which extends across three quarters of the top…
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