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1911Niddy Noddy Bennett Triple Sprin Farm Donated Margaret Jenness Hapsis.jpg
1911 photograph of the short lived celebrity, Niddy Noddy, a pig born in April of 1911, with several genetic anomalies, on the Bennett family Triple Spring Farm. Niddy Noddy was immortalized on a postcard, made after an accident killed Niddy Noddy.…

Results of seed tests for 1917.pdf
The Bulletin is a publication of the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire. Results of seed tests for 1917 Bulletin, no. 186. This bulletin mentions…

Hodgdon Farm likely.jpg
Two Photos Likely Hodgdon Farm. Circa 1900. Both of these digital files are not in the physical museum collection.

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