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Farmington Police Chief Carl W Worster Sr.jpg
From the May 1986 Puddledock article with the photo: Since first joining the Farmington Police Department in 1947, Chief Worster has enjoy­ed over three decades in the field of law enforcement. Chief Worster worked under the leadership of Chief…

Sgt. Walter Brown-AKA Brownie.jpg
A 1986 Puddledock Press Article with color photo of Sargent Walter Brown, of the Farmington Police Department. The article reads as follows:Better known as "Brownie" by most of the townspeople, Sgt. Brown first joined the police department back in…

Award Fo rPatriotism Given To James Perkins from American LawEnforcemnetOfficersAssociation.jpg
1981 award for patriotism given to James Perkins from American Law Enforcement Officers Association. Printed ink on paper. Size: 8.5"x11"
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