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Mary Evelyn Kimball Pencil Box Top View.jpg
Mary Evelyn Kimball's wooden, rectangular, pencil box. The box has metal embellishments on the top corners and a metal keyhole in the front of the box.. The box contains a pencil, pen, nib, and two keys.

Mary Evelyn Kimball was born in November…

Memorial to Adelaide Cilley Waldron 1910.pdf
A 1910 memorial booklet designed to honor Adelaide Cilley Waldron. The memorial exercises were held by the Friday Afternoon Club, Farmington, NH on February 12, 1910. The booklet includes Adelaide Cilley Waldron's life story written by Anne E Thayer…

Farmington Opera House American Legion Minstrel Show Program March 1926.jpg
A Farmington Opera House program for a Minstrel show on Friday, March 26, 1926. The document is printed ink on paper. The minstrel show appears to have been sponsored by the American Legion and features live music,dances, and singers. Program Size:…
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