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Farmington Ambulance corps President Seymour Bowden accepts donated painting from Samuel Ward Warren.jpg
A short caption and article from the September 1986 Puddledock Press detailing the Farmington Ambulance corps President Seymour Bowden accepting a donated painting from Samuel Ward Warren.The caption reads:The Farmington Ambulance Corps, would like…

Republican Ticket-1889 (from news publication)
Benjamin Harrison, Levi P. Morton
Includes information on the national and local Republican Ticket

Hatties Place.jpg
Though Hatties's Place is now demolished, this is a promotional campaign from the Puddledock Press which has photos and an article covering history, the restoration of the building which was called the "Hattie White Estate" It also covers the…

Group Photo Puddledock Press November 1999 50 Years Farmington Historical Society.jpg
A Puddledock Press November 1999 issue with an article covering the 50 year anniversary of the Farmington Historical Society, with Photos.

Text of article reads:

Photo cations:

Eugene Nute, First President, Farmington Historical…

Mixed photo collection from the the Puddledock Press. These photos are stored together. They are from different periods of time. Last pulled together for possible use in 1986. Please read each photo explanation for possible details. If you have…

Puddledock Press 1986 Man of the Year John Nolan with staff member Pam Bouchard .jpg
A Puddledock Press article from September of 1986 featuring the Man & Woman of the Year, John Nolan and Phyllis Kuligowski. The text of the article reads: The First Annual Puddledock Press Man & Woman of the Year contest was certainly a great…

Postcard to Mr William Yeaton of Farmington Back.jpg
Postcard to Mr William Yeaton of Farmington NH from F. M. Dore. The letter is to tell his Uncle that a relative had died of pneumonia and that they were not sure when the funeral would be held. The postcard is postmarked from Woloeboro, NH and has a…

Hannah Colbath 1836.JPG
Portait painting of Hannah Colbath 1836. This is a digital file that cannot be found in the physical museum collection.


First Congregational Church Side View.JPG
The public was invited to tour the historic First Congregational Church of Farmington on Sunday, November 12, 2017. People who were married in the church or attended Sunday School since the 1950’s were encouraged to bring photos which will become…

Children utilize new reading room photo credit Joe Henry.jpg
From the May 1986 Puddledock article abou the photos:The dedication for the new addition of the Goodwin Library was held on April 6th. The program speakers included, Rev. H. Franklin Parker,Rtvv. Uel Gardner, Rev. John Scruton and Robert M. Aiken.…
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