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Cheryl Dee Whitten and James Lewis Mitchel lII Marriage May3 1986.jpg
Cheryl Dee Whltten, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dean Whitten.Sr., of Farmington, and James Lewis Mitchell, III, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis Mitchell, Jr., of Farmington, were united in marriage on May 3, 1986, in a ceremony at the First…

Video-The Farmington NH Historical Society- Jean Davenhall-The New Hampshire 48 Four Thousand Footers The June 3rd Farmington Historical Society meeting promotions read: The feature will be Jean Davenhall, as guest speaker. Jean is a lifelong…

The carved nut baskets are made from acorns, walnuts and chestnuts, carefully carved into tiny baskets. A few have semiprecious stones attached and all are finished with a shiny coat of shellac. They were hand made by Deke Varney. The talent and…

Various Farmington tax receipts & misc. receipts of Stephen Bennett, dating back as far as 1856. Sizes vary, but are roughly 8"x3".



Hodgdon Farm likely.jpg
Two Photos Likely Hodgdon Farm. Circa 1900. Both of these digital files are not in the physical museum collection.


Two photos of the floods in 1936 downtown Farmington.

Train Wreck Kills Farmington News, Page2, 1928-07-27.pdf
Farmington News article Boston & Maine detailing the wreck of the train carrying the Bernardi Carnival. The train wreck killed six and injured more. Farmington News page 2, July 27, 1928.

FHS-Kyle Leach

IllustrationStatistics & Gazetteer of New Hampshire 1874  Farmington.jpg
The Statistics & Gazetteer of New Hampshire contains descriptions of all the counties and towns in New Hampshire from the period. It also describes principal features such as mountains, lakes, rivers, capes, bays, harbors, islands, and resorts or…

Farmington News, Page2, 1896-06-26.pdf
A Farmington News article talking about Independence Day. This is page 2, of the June 26th 1896 issue.The piece about independence Day reads: FARMINGTON TO CELEBRATE PLENTY OF ENTHUSIASM, MONEY AND BRAINS.COMMITTEES BUSY ARRANGING IN TERESTING…

Farmington News, Page2, 1930-07-04.pdf
A Farmington News article talking about Independence Day. This is Page 2 of the Friday, July 4th, 1930 issue.The piece about independence Day reads: JULY FOURTH The 'News goes to print this week on the eve of the great American holiday. Independence…
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