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Henry Wilson Memorial Boulder with Canine.jpg
The Henry Wilson Memorial Boulder photographed during the day with an unknown canine in front of the boulder. This matted photograph has an embossed decorative interior border.

Size: 4' x5'


Glen Street School Class  of 1933 Photo 1926.jpg
A photo of the Glen Street School, class of 1933, photo taken in 1926. The students were in 5th grade and their teacher was Miss Willoby, who is also in the photo. The back contains a class list key.

Size: 5" x7"
Condition: Poor. Photograph has…

Star Diner and Factory South Main St Old Edgerly House Shared byKaren Goodwin Johnson.jpg
A digital photograph of the Star Diner & one of the shoe factories on South Main Street. The old Edgerly House can be seen to the far left, a home now known as the Meyer House.

This is a digital file and does not exist in the physical museum…

Henry Wilson Boulder Postcard.jpg
Divided back sepia souvenir postcard of the Henry Wilson Boulder on Main Street. Photo of the boulder is in center of the card surrounded by small trees, embedded in a decorative bark like frame with a curled shaving to the right the photo, all in…
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