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Photo of A. W. Shackford from Mixed Photo Collection in February 1986 issue of the Puddledock Press.

Amasa W. Shackford was a renowned photographer of the 19th century based in Farmington, New Hampshire. Amasa Shackford married Clara Lougee in…

Sheep in Farmington NH Kept Field.jpg
Divided back style, colorized souvenir postcard of a herd of sheep kept in a rural field in Farmington, NH. A road and the herd are in the foreground and middle of the card, with trees and open landscape in the rest. A shepard can be seen just right…

#485 The White Store Color Souvenir Postcard.jpg
The White Store Farmington, NH color souvenir postcard. The White Store was a well known department store. It carried dry goods, furniture, clothing for men, women, and children, decor, and other ready to carry, ready to wear goods. It faced Main…
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