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A First Congregational Church photo postcard taken in downtown Farmington, NH from the town center looking down south Main Street. The front of the church can be seen as well as part of the north side of the building. The steeple is fully visible, as…

1951 Congregational Church 75th Anniversary Booklet.pdf
A 1951 Congregational Church 75th anniversary bi-fold booklet with a photograph of the church on the cover. The event was scheduled for March 8, 1951. The founding of the church was September 15, 1819. The booklet lists the founders on the cover…

Farmington NH First Congregational Church Clock Being Fixed (1).jpg
Photographs of the Farmington NH First Congregational Church clock being repaired. The color photos appear to be taken from a vantage point on Main Street. two workers can be seen doing work on the clock.

FHS- Kyle leach
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