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#485 The White Store Color Souvenir Postcard.jpg
The White Store Farmington, NH color souvenir postcard. The White Store was a well known department store. It carried dry goods, furniture, clothing for men, women, and children, decor, and other ready to carry, ready to wear goods. It faced Main…

Varney's Market Outside.jpg
A September 1986 Puddledock Press Spotlight of  Varney's Market.The article reads:Varney's MarketThere is a country store in town that his been here since approximately 1900. Eighty-six years ago; Ma,. Pa, Junior and Sally could have walked into this…

18971 J F Safford Advertisement for Holiday Shopping.jpg
J. F. Safford printed plain and embellished text advertisement for holiday shopping on thin, blue paper. Dated December 19, 1871. Marketing includes plugs for gold and silver, watches, solid silver serving dishes, silver plated dining decor and…

1936 Flood EJ Kelley and Company Shop.jpg
Mixed collection March 1936 flood photos. Mainly downtown. Photos contain buildings, shops, cars, wide street shots, and a few shots with people.

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