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Back Row; Left to Right: M. Bonney, L. Keen, M. Bruce, A. Wheeler, M. Calo, F. Lynn, E. Tilley, A. Wheeler, C. Smith, J. Beairsto, R. Silvia Middle Row: G. Butler, S. Edgerly, E. Campbell, S. Marble, M. Hanson, E. Gibbs, A. Scott, E. Sanborn,'B.…

Pamphlet- A Community Thanksgiving Celebration-A Benefit for the Interfaith Food Pantry.pdf
2017 pamphlet, ink printed on paper, for a "A Community Thanksgiving Celebration." The event was a benefit for the Interfaith Food Pantry in Farmington. It was hosted by three of the town's places of worship; The Advent Christian Church, the First…
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