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A copy of an article from an unknown source dated April 4, 1963, conveying that the Public Service Plant on Central Street was demolished.

Size: 6" x 9"

FHS-Kyle Leach

B&M Bulletin 1977. This edition of the magazine covers the history of the NH Cocheco Railroad. It features information and a photo about the Farmington NH station on page eleven.


Photograph Postcard Boston & Maine Railroad Station Farmington, NH Circa 1900.jpg
This is a color photograph of a W W Roberts- Boston & Maine Railroad Station postcard, Farmington, NH, circa 1900. The station in the photograph was then where Route 11 is now beside High Street at the end of Tappan Street.

Size: 5" x…

Photograph  Boston & Maine Railroad Station Farmington, NH.jpg
A photograph of the Boston & Maine Railroad Station Farmington, NH, showing High Street.

Size: 5" x 7"
Condition: some white spotting-edge deterioration


Photograph of postcard Boston & Maine Railroad Station Farmington, NH. No information about the photo of the postcard is known. It resembles other photographs of the station circa 1900. Size; 3.5"x5

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