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1918 Memorial Day ProgramPage 4 of The Farmington News, published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, June 7th, 1918.jpg
A 1918 Memorial Day program from page 4 of The Farmington News, published on Friday, June 7th 1918.

This is a digital file and does not exist in the physical museum collection.

FHS-Kyle Leach

Speakers 118th Memorial Day Observance May 1986.jpg
From June 1986 Puddledock Press article with the photos:Farmington recently celebrated its 118th Memorial Day Observance. While lacking the usual parade, the day was none the less filled with reverence and gratitude for those gone before.…

Mixed photo collection from the the Puddledock Press. These photos are stored together. They are from different periods of time. Last pulled together for possible use in 1986. Please read each photo explanation for possible details. If you have…
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