Photo Of The Clementines From The April 1986 Edition Puddledock Press


Photo Of The Clementines From The April 1986 Edition Puddledock Press


Back Row; Left to Right: M. Bonney, L. Keen, M. Bruce, A. Wheeler, M. Calo, F. Lynn, E. Tilley, A. Wheeler, C. Smith, J. Beairsto, R. Silvia Middle Row: G. Butler, S. Edgerly, E. Campbell, S. Marble, M. Hanson, E. Gibbs, A. Scott, E. Sanborn,'B. Briscoe, J. Radcliffe, M. Hunt, J. Lagassie. Front Row: L. Berry, L. Dame, J. Gray, C. McKay, J. Woodward, C. Campbell, C. Sager, M. Morphy, and P. Lepene not pictured: S. Chandler, M. Galecki, and J. Leeman

From the April 1986 Puddledock article with the photo:

The Clementines are busily preparing for their annual spring show to be presented at Farmington High School, May 3, 1986. The theme for this year's show is "MUSIC MAGIC" and promises to have some unusual and inter-esting groups performing on that night.

In past years, the Clementines have presented a strictly barbershop show, but this year have chosen to invite a variety of musical groups to appear with them„ These groups will include the following: "The ConChords", a mixed chorus from Concord, N.H., "After Hours",a teen-age barbershop cho-rus from Beverly High School, Beverly, Masso, under the direction of Mr„ Robert Lynn, brother of Frank Lynn, director of the Clementines. Brother Bob, as he is affectionately known by the Clementines, is also bringing a teen-age show choir„ To add even more variety to this year's show, the Clementines will be presenting to their audience a six piece Dixieland Band called "Just Jazz" from Alton, New Hampshire. Returning after sev-eral year's absence is "Both Sides of the Fence", a barbershop quartet from Nashua, N.H., which is unique in that it features two husband and wife teams, Since their last appearance with us, this quartet has made several trips abroad to perform and has also cut their own record. Add to the above named groups the "Clementines" themselves, who will be per-forming twice during the evening and also will be presenting their own 2 quartets, the "C-Notes" and "B-Naturals", each of which has their own special style. As an added attraction and for the enjoyment of the audi-ence Mrso Lois Fogg, of Milton, N.H., will be entertaining at the piano from 7:00-7 00 p°m. and during intermission.

The Clementines expect this to be one of their very finest shows, and they would be happy to have everyone come and join them. Showtime starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Farmington High School Gym. Ticket prices are $3.50 in advance or $4.00 at the door Children's prices $1.00„ Tickets are available at Osgood's drugstore or from any Clementine.

Part of a mixed photo collection from the March 1986 edition of the Puddledock Press. These photos are stored together. They are from different periods of time. Last pulled together for possible use in April 1986.





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