Puddledock Press Article 1986 Man & Woman of the Year John Nolan and Phyllis Kuligowski


Puddledock Press Article 1986 Man & Woman of the Year John Nolan and Phyllis Kuligowski


A Puddledock Press article from September of 1986 featuring the Man & Woman of the Year, John Nolan and Phyllis Kuligowski.

The text of the article reads:

The First Annual Puddledock Press Man & Woman of the Year contest was certainly a great success. With the choices, you, the voters, have made, we have two well -deserving public worthies reigning for this
year. Man of the Year, John Nolan, is well known within the commun-ity for his work with our youngsters. His dedication has given kids innovative programs suited for healthy development, which is vital in the growth into productive and responsible adults. Also, John's work in the community as a whole has shown the system of civic input as one way of concerned residents making a difference in the change or improvement of their town.

Woman of the Year, Phyllis Kuligowski, is also active in community affairs. After twenty-one years of service to the Goodwin Library , Phyllis is retiring. She has been instrumental in the growth and up-
dating of our Public Library and has instituted such programs as the Children's Reading Hour and the annual Art Exhibition. Phyllis is currently holding an office in the New Durham and Farmington Histori-
cal Society along with Deaconess of the Congregational Church in town As a co-worker states, "Phyllis is involved in many organizations,but
does not advertise her civic commitments," She is dedicated and me-ticulous in every endeavor she may fortake, yet, she prefers to re-main "unsung".

We The Puddledock Staff, would like to congratulate John and Phyllis and thank YOU, the public, for participating!

These photos are stored together. They are from different periods of time. Last pulled together for possible use in September 1986.

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