1986 Hay Day Highlight September Puddledock Press


1986 Hay Day Highlight September Puddledock Press


A 1986 Hay Day highlight article from the September Puddledock Press.

The article reads:


The fifth annual Hay Day celebration drew a record crowd of four to five thousand. The festivities were plentiful along with the food. Betty Mros announced another record breaker of fifty-five booths and concession stands. Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable day, and I'm sure next year's Hay Day is already highly anticipated. Below are the results:

Li'l Miss Hay Day

1st. Theresa Vaillancourt (Old Mother Hubbard)
2nd. Diane Cheong (Panda Bear)
3rd. Dierdre Howard (Indian 3irl)
Young Huck

1st. Mykle Lepene (Huckleberry Finn)

2nd. Shaun Vachon (Three Blind Mice)

3rd. Mark Canney (Alvin chipmunk)

Horseshoes - Men

Winner. Dave James, Rochester

Runner-up. Herb Cox, Milton


Winner. Nancy Raab, Barrington
Runner-up. Jennie Ford
Under l6's

Winner. John Thomson
Runner-up. Shane Tufts

$10 Ted Healey
$5  John Thomson
$3  Olden Family
Police Raffle

2 cords of wood. Mr. Robert Gray
Puddledock Press Draw
1st. $56 Seymour Bowden

2nd. Certificate-Dick Poulin   Tod Lemieux

3rd. Certificate-Pizza Hut       Nell Leary

Parks & Rec. Draw

$100. John Oakley

Video & More Certificate

Tara Minichiello, Hampstead

Ernie's Gas Certificate

Patricia Dexter, Middleton

Ugly Person Contest
Wild Bill Vachon
(wins a dinner for
two at Cardinal's)
Long John Silver Agon
Winner. Barry Finn
Best Dressed. Tim
Woodward, Kurt Olson.
Anonymous Lady No. 1,
Sheaf Toss
Sheaf Chief. Dan
Conway, 19ft. '♦in.
Bed Race
1st. Alton F.D.
2nd. Middleton F.D.
3rd. Peg's Keg

Best Float. Union Tel.
Special Prize. Davidson
Rubber "Moonshiners"
Bicycle Prize. Stacy
Spirit Award
Union Telephone
Dog Gymkhana
Winner. Tiffany, owned
by Denise Simard
Runner-up. Fonzie, owned
by Angela Ficco
Dog/Owner Look-a-Like.
Dan Wall and Thunder
Ugliest Dog. Whiskers,
owned by Dean Beland
Fiercest Dog. Krissy,
owned by James Spear

These photos are stored together. They are from different periods of time. Last pulled together for possible use in August 1986.

FHS-Kyle Leach


Puddledock Press


Puddledock Press




Flying Nuns in the Bed Race.jpg
Alton Firefighters Winners 1986 Bed Race.jpg
Contestants in the Li'l Miss Hay Day.jpg
Joyce Nutter and Alan Colwell officiate the Dog Gymkhana .jpg
Participant in the Dog Gymkhana.jpg
Scoop Bouchard working at the Fish Pond Game.jpg


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