Goodwin Library Hand Colored Souvenir Postcard


Goodwin Library Hand Colored Souvenir Postcard


A hand colored souvenir postcard Farmington, NH with face featuring The Goodwin Library looking at the building's front, side profile from North Main Street. This two story Neo Classical, brick building is as it was originally built and does not have the back addition that would come later in the twentieth century. The Barker Block extension has not been built, so the north side of the library building does not touch the southern portion of the Barker Block building to the north. The windows in that north side are still in full view in this photo. The Pyhthian Block still stands behind the library building and the side of that building can be seen to the west side, behind library. Divided back postcard.

Size 3.5" x 5.5"

FHS-Kyle Leach


The Roberts Store


The Roberts Store


Goodwin Library Hand Colored Souvenir Postcard.jpg


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