Birds Eye View Central & Main Souvenir Postcard


Birds Eye View Central & Main Souvenir Postcard


Black and white, Farmington, NH postcard showing a birds eye view of Central Street and Main Street in downtown Farmington, facing north, up the Main Street hill, during the day. The Richards Block and Odd Fellows Block buildings can be seen in the photo in the middle-ground. The White Store can be seen. Some of what is left of the Barker Block, in the foreground, can be seen, after the fire took out all of that block, reducing it to rubble. The rubble has been cleared. Trees can be seen throughout the downtown, sans their leaves. A horse is hitched at the Farmington News building. A dozen people seem to be milling about the downtown. The shops appear to be open, as they have their awnings extended. The photo is post electrification. Divided back postcard.

Size 3.5" x 5.5"

FHS-Kyle Leach






Circa 1910


Birds Eye View Central & Main Souvenir Postcard .jpg


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