Farmington Opera House Color Souvenir Postcard


Farmington Opera House Color Souvenir Postcard


A Farmington NH Opera House colorized souvenir postcard. The view is of the front and left and side of the building looking down Main Street at an angle. The two story building with an internal mezzanine or balcony was brick with wooden trim. It featured many double high windows on the front and both sides. It had a simple single story portico with a small roof balustrade. Four chimneys can be seen in the photo. The photo is set sometime in early spring or fall. Mature trees are seen lining Main Street and surrounding buildings can be seen in the background and fences of home across the street in the foreground. Two, small horse drawn carriages can be seen parked in front.

A February 10, 1928 fire effectively burned the Farmington Opera House to the ground. The library and town offices, along with most books, artifacts, and town records, from earlier periods perished in the fire.

This card also has a similar miniature version, which is different from the original focused more on the Opera House set in spring or summer.

Size 3.5" x 5.5"

Miniature Size: 2"x3.5"

FHS-Kyle Leach


W.L Peavey


W.L Peavey


Circa 1906

Date Created

Circa 1906


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W.L Peavey, “Farmington Opera House Color Souvenir Postcard,” Farmington Historical Society-Museum of Farmington History, accessed February 26, 2024,

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