Talking About Independence Day Farmington News, Page2, 1896-06-26


Talking About Independence Day Farmington News, Page2, 1896-06-26


A Farmington News article talking about Independence Day. This is page 2, of the June 26th 1896 issue.

The piece about independence Day reads:



The meeting at the town hall Friday night to discuss a Fourth of July cele- bration, was a distinctively business gathering of young men of thee town. It organized by choosing A I Nute, chairman, Eugene B Hayes, secretary; W J Evans, treasurer, and the affair celebrating Independence Day was discussed in an of hand way It was announced that money enough had been pledged to assure a start in the project, so it was suggested that a committee

of which the  president,  secretary and
treasurer should be members, should be,
appointed     The following  names were
added   S. Leavitt, Fred Hanson F
H   Roberts, John S  Hayes  and Her
man  J    Pike     This committee is to
appoint   sub-committee  where neces-
sary     The members got together at
once  and  the  following appointments
were  made:   On  advertising, Messrs
Leavitt and  Hanson, sports, Messrs.
Haynes and Pike, on speaker for horri-
bles, A  J   Nute. trade teams and horri-
bles, Haynes,  music  F   H  Roberts.

The committee is busy at work upon
a program which shall include a parade,
athletic sports, such as  bicycle, foot,
potato and  other  races, a greased
pig, etc. Prizes will be offered for best
team and single foot passenger in parade
of  horribles There will doubtless be
an expert tight-rope walker who will
give exhibitions at intervals during the
day The Cadet .Band has beea en-
gaged for a series of concerts, and there
will be two games of ball between the
Rochesters and Farmingtons.

A sum of money has been set aside
as a gratuitous gift for the athletic club

of the high school to give an exhibition
during the day. Of course this pro-
gram will be altered and amended  and
doubtless interesting features added to
it, and that there will be a display of
fireworks in the evening is a matter of
course There will half fare on the

Boston and Maine R R if matters can
be so arranged. Take it all in all the
outlook is rosy for a splendid celebra-
tion and general good time.

Caption of the photo reads:

This is Sid. He started the Fourth of July celebration project, found a responsive enthusi asm and is at the head of the committee of arrangements

FHS-Kyle Leach


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Farmington News, “Talking About Independence Day Farmington News, Page2, 1896-06-26,” Farmington Historical Society-Museum of Farmington History, accessed December 2, 2022,

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