Article About Lucy Dodge Farmington News, Page2, 1907-12-20


Article About Lucy Dodge Farmington News, Page2, 1907-12-20


Lucy Dodge Farmington News article, page2, 12-20-1907. Lucy Dodge was a well known figure during her life in Farmington and is one of the most notable black historical figures in the local record. 

Note this article cotains biases from the period.

The text of the article reads:

Probably two good .men who. have
charge of the regular collections at the
Congregational church never wore more
pleasingly astonished in the course of
their Sunday duties than -were they on
December 15 when they found in the
morning offering a cheque for five hun-
dred dollars; this amount to be known
as the Lucy Dodge Memorial Fund, the
Income to be used in the support  of  the
church and its customary exercises.
The name given recalls to the older peo-
ple of tho community the story of a
loyal soul whose devotion is thus com-
memorated  but this should be known
also to our younger friends, in merited
regard for both past and, present,.and as
a lesson for the future. -In the period
of the civil war Mrs. Martha E. Edgerly
(her first marriage having been to Cap-
tain Enoch Dodge who was killed in the
war) brought a homeless little black girl
to her own home in South Berwick, Me.,
and this child was known as : Lucy
Dodge. She was taught everything
practicable in the well appointed house-
hold, and at both common and Sunday
schools, and became a faithful and com-
petent housekeeper. She was nearly as
much at home In Farmington.-as at
South Berwick, attending her mistress
in visit's to her brothers, and to.her sis-
ter who was the first wife of' James B.
Edgerly, and upon the marriage of Mrs.'
Dodge to the latter, several" years after
the sister's decease, Lucy became per-
manently resident in town and.was ever
a devout attendant upon exercises of the
churcb, taking honest pleasure in con-
tributing to its support and good works.
In falling health, after the decease of
her kind mistress, Lucy was given every,
possible care by the .members.of the
family which.she held as hers, until she
followed those whose loss she had
mourned. It is like the conscientious
and public spirited head of tho house-
hold, James B. Edgerly, to .have planned
thus generously for the continuance of
a part lo the progress of the church and
parish, In the name of the loyal friend
whose memory is thus perpetuated.

FHS- Kyle Leach


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Farmington News, “Article About Lucy Dodge Farmington News, Page2, 1907-12-20,” Farmington Historical Society-Museum of Farmington History, accessed May 20, 2022,

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