Welcome! This site contains the online collection and archive information for items in the Farmington NH Historical Society Museum at the Goodwin Library.  The online museum has a small representation of what we have available, but as time goes on, more items are being added at regular intervals. Some of the items in the museum collection belong to other organizations and are cataloged as such. Other items do not exist in the physical collection, but have been donated as digital records for the archive. Please consider visiting the Farmington NH Historical Society website to view past and current events sponsored by the society.

Recently Added Items

1952 Photo-Edith Skidds & Ruth Brown

Edith Skidds & Ruth Brown 1952 Town Hall.jpg

A 1952 photo published in the August 1986 edition of the Puddledock Press featuring Edith Skidds & Ruth Brown sitting in the Town Hall.


Puddledock Press Photos & Article Hattie's Place Peavey Hill Main Street

Hatties Place.jpg

Though Hatties's Place is now demolished, this is a promotional campaign from the Puddledock Press which has photos and an article covering history,…

All Star News- 500 Boys Club Coaches & Players

All Star News 500 Boys Club Coaches & Players.jpg

All Star News article in the August 1986 issue of the Puddledock Press detailing the team wins and successes, as well as a 500 Boys Club coaches &…

1986 Puddledock Press Article With Photo-Sgt. Walter Brown

Sgt. Walter Brown-AKA Brownie.jpg

A 1986 Puddledock Press Article with color photo of Sargent Walter Brown, of the Farmington Police Department. The article reads as follows:Better…

1886 Farmington Gas Company Comes To Town-Historical Farmington By Twink Osgood

The Old Gas Plant.jpg

An article in the August, 1986 Puddledock Press, about the Farmington Gas Company coming too Farmington in 1886. The piece is a "Historical…

500 Boys Club Article Puddledock Press August 1986

First Place Team Perns Petroleum.jpg

500 Boys Club Article with pictures from the Puddledock Press of August 1986. The article contains three pictures; two are in the archive. The article…

1954 Farmington News Advertisement-Play Golf Farmington Country Club

Play Golf Farmington Country Club Page 2 of The Farmington News, published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, August 20th, 1954.jpg

A 1954 Farmington News advertisement "Play Golf" at the Farmington Country Club from page two of the Farmington News, published on Friday, August 20,…