Hello! This site contains the online collection and archive information for items in the Farmington NH Historical Society Museum at the Goodwin Library.  The online museum has a small representation of what we have available, but as time goes on, more items are being added at regular intervals. Some of the items in the museum collection belong to other organizations and are cataloged as such. Other items do not exist in the physical collection, but have been donated as digital records for the archive. Please consider visiting the Farmington NH Historical Society website to view past and current events sponsored by the society.

Recently Added Items

Photograph Of 1859 Farmington Town Lock-up.


Photograph of the 1859 Farmington town Lock-up. Photograph is pre-matted with an embossed decorative border.


General Information Concerning 1976 Time Capsule In the Old Farmington Fire Station.


General information, in a personalized note, concerning 1976 time capsule in the old Farmington Fire station. The document lists location of capsule. …

Abstract Of Title From E. T, Willson To The Farmington Public Library


Abstract of title from E. T, Willson to Farmington Public Library. The consolidation of three land transfers to Edward T. Willson, who transferred…

Farmington School Contract 1826


School Contract 1826. Notable persons: Jeremiah(?) Waldron, Eliza Harmon(?). Richard Leighton, Sarah (last name unreadable), Hannah Hayes.

AEM &…

Account of George M. Herring's life in Farmington.

George M. Herring.jpg

Synopsis of George M. Herring's life from birth in Massachusetts to his move to Farmington and his political and commercial endeavors here.

AEM &…

1950 Typed Letter By Unknown Subject Detailing A Day Trip- Brookefield, Wakefield, Middleton

Front Page.jpg

1950 Typed Letter By Unknown Subject Detailing A Day Trip- Brookefield, Wakefield, Middleton by Mary Cloutman, Beatrice Ellison and the unknown…

Brushed Metalwork Family Album

Metalwork Fam AlmubWendall August Forge Inc.jpg

Brushed metalwork family album from Wendall August Forge, Inc. Front metalwork art is of a tree, possibly the tree of life. Back stamp indicates…