Natural Items-Wood, Shell, Bone, Rock, Preserved Specimens


Natural Items-Wood, Shell, Bone, Rock, Preserved Specimens


This collection focuses on items from the natural world. These items can be made of almost any substance, species, or product of nature that have not been altered greatly from their original form.. This collection includes items like: wood, shell, bone, rock, and preserved specimens.

Collection Items

Varney Carved Nut Baskets
The carved nut baskets are made from acorns, walnuts and chestnuts, carefully carved into tiny baskets. A few have semiprecious stones attached and all are finished with a shiny coat of shellac. They were hand made by Deke Varney. The talent and…

Rattlesnake Skin Table Runner
A Rattlesnake skin table runner. The species of snake is unknown. The reptile has been mounted on two scalloped felt runners that are only slightly larger than each other, and the smallest only slightly bigger than the snakeskin. Photos show a long…
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