Sepia Souvenir Postcard Old Stone Lobby Farmington NH


Sepia Souvenir Postcard Old Stone Lobby Farmington NH


A sepia souvenir postcard of the "Old Stone Lobby," downtown Farmington, NH. The sepia photograph focuses on the rear of the building. The photo is smaller than the size of the postcard. A sister photograph in the collection appears to be from a different period as the planting and trees surrounding the stone lobby do not match one another. The lobby was at the juncture of Church and Union Streets.

The stone lobby was to be finished by noon on October 6, 1859. It was commissioned by Colonel Louis Bell. The cost of the land, labor and structure was either $175 or $375. There are two competing documents on this. If it had not been completed by that date by William H. Sampson, the town Stonemason, would forfeit $10 weekly until complete. It was never finished as intended, as the American Civil War began during construction.

First intended as a jail to temporarily hold county accused, then intended to be used to temporarily hold town lawless. It is unclear if it was ever actually used for either of those purposes. The building was used for livestock. It was razed and the stones repurposed in 1950.

It is said the structure was 10" by 10' and about 6.5' high. Inside two spaces 2' by 6' were on one side. It had 2' windows and 3/4" iron bars over the windows and doorway.

Size 3.5" x 5.5"

FHS-Kyle Leach


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