Topley House Line Drawing On Card


Topley House Line Drawing On Card


Topley House on the corner of Main Street and Lincoln Street. A line drawing printed on card paper. The line drawing was created by Irene Furbush, who lived in the home for almost twenty years. The home has two full stories and then a third story living space in the finished attic. The building has a small covered front entrance and a lower bay window in the front right, with three windows above. There is a single window, in the attic floor and it is unknown if this was used for storage or sleeping space. The side of the house offers many windows and a side entrance via a covered open porch. A very large carriage house sits at the back of the house, attached to it, allowing one to be in the carriage house and then directly to the home without going outside. Detail work, beams, fretwork, and shutters all appear to be in very good condition and well maintained. The house has one chimney. The house looks very much like the rending to this day.

Size: 5.5" x 4.25"

Condition: Excellent

FHS-Kyle Leach


Irene Furbush


Irene Furbush


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