Pages Tavern Building Colorized Souvenir Postcard


Pages Tavern Building Colorized Souvenir Postcard


A colorized souvenir postcard of the Pages Tavern building. This building was formerly known as the Central House. This card has a view of the front side of the house. The house is three stories, with the lower floors covered with open porches on the left and front of the house, with low balustrades. A tall chimney can be seen atop the house, though it is known to have at least three. A house to the left can also be seen as well as the steeple of a church. An electrical pole can also be seen in front of the building.

Size 3.5" x 5.5"

Condition: Good

FHS- Kyle Leach


Commercial Chrome


Commercial Chrome


Early 1900's

Date Created

Early 1900's


The Bloskey Collection


Pages Tavern Building Postcard.jpg


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