Sepia Photograph Glen Street School Farmington, NH


Sepia Photograph Glen Street School Farmington, NH


A sepia photograph of the Glen Street School, Farmington, NH. The photo is taken fron the front corner side of the building and the first and second floors can be seen as well as the full attic and rooftop. The stairs and hand railsĀ  for both front entrances can be seen. Windows line the first and second floor and the double window, between the front entrances, can be seen with a large arched, decorative transom above it. Only a single chiney can be seen from this vantage point. Short basement windows can aslo be seeen lining the brick foundation work. The wood clapboards appear to to be a lighter clolor and the trimwork is panited a darker coor. A gas ironwork lmap with glass latern atop stands in fron of the school, to the corner, some distance from it. Other buildings and trees can be seen in the background.

From New Hampshire Then And Now:

Here is the old Glen Street School in Farmington,N.H. about 1900. Built in 1889 it originally was comprised of two large rooms. One on upper level and one on the lower level. From 1890 to 1912 the school was used for the education of primary students and later the school added intermediate grades. In 1912 the two rooms were divided into four rooms. In 1923 the school population grew so much that a $5,000.00 addition was made. This school was closed down around 1960. After years of being used as a home base by local businesses, and a fair amount of neglect, the Glen Street School building in 1990 was torn down. Much of this information was taken from the Farmington,N.H. Historical Society website.

This is a digital file and does not reside in the physical museum collection.

FHS- Kyle Leach


Circa 1900

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Circa 1900


NH Historical Society
Robert J. Girouard Collection




“Sepia Photograph Glen Street School Farmington, NH,” Farmington Historical Society-Museum of Farmington History, accessed March 2, 2024,