1929 Old Town Hall Building Dedication Sepia Photograph


1929 Old Town Hall Building Dedication Sepia Photograph


A 1929 sepia photograph of the Old Town Hall Building dedication day. The building was built on the site of the destroyed Farmington Opera House. The view is of the front and both sides of the building facing the Old Town Hall. The two story building, with an internal mezzanine or balcony is brick with white wooden trim. It has many double high windows on the front and both sides. The facade is done in Greek Revival style with a four column, double story portico with a small, angled roof. A set of double doors greet anyone ascending the three steps. Each front double door has a half semi-circle window above it. Mature trees are seen lining Main Street and surrounding buildings can be seen in the background. At least three vehicles can be seen in the photo on the street to the right of the building. A very large crowd of townsfolk are assembled in front of the building extending well into Main Street.

Condition: Fair. The photo has two edge tears; one in the lower right and one on the right half way up the photo. A corner is missing and small piece is missing from the border on the left. There are several stains. There is also some kind of paper adhered to the back of the photo, sporadically, probably from being adhered and then torn from a page.

Size: 6.5" x 8.25"

FHS-Kyle Leach



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