Souvenir Postcard Cloutman Electric Light Plant


Souvenir Postcard Cloutman Electric Light Plant


Souvenir postcard Cloutman Electric Light Plant with divided back. Black and white souvenir postcard of the Cloutman Electric Light Plant Farmington, NH. Photo of the light plant is in center of the card embedded in a decorative bark like frame with a curled shaving at the top of the photo, in sepia brown. Postcard has footnote, bottom under photo, which says "Old Waldron Mill Farmington N.H"

Postcard is inscribed in pencil via cursive along the curl and on the left side of the back, with the following two messages:

"The large building has been torn down to make the addition to Cloutman Shoe Shop. They are going to rebuild a better one."

" I must say good night now Leatha 10-30 just go home from Union, Head over here from Boston tonight Look for me Saturday by 2 o' clock sure I may go to Toronto Canada on business by + bye hurry up and get well and come two I'll tell you about it Sat xx Orrie"

The postcard is addressed to Mrs. Orrie Mott East Rocchester

Size 3.5" x 5.5"

FHS-Kyle Leach






Circa 1910


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Souvenir Postcard Cloutman Electric Light Plant Back.jpg


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