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FWCPie and Craft Fair.jpg
Dottie Bean Obituary & PhotosThe obituary reads:Dorothy A. Bean, 84, of Farmington passed away on August 20, 2021 after a period of declining health.Dottie was born in Orange, NJ on January 6, 1937 to the late Joseph and Donna (Otey) Bean and…

R O Rondeau Show Company War Time Workers Hand Book Circa 1943.pdf
A thirty-four page, World War II, R. O. Rondeau Shoe Company War Time Workers Hand Book, What Every Worker Should Know, circa 1943. This item belonged to Farmington worker 636, Department 52, which was stitching, all information written on the back…

Oct 2012 Roger B Memorial Front page PuddledockPress-October.PDF
An October 2012 Roger Belanger memorial article written to honor his work in the community after his death at the age of seventy one. It was the front page lead of the Puddledock Press October issue.The text reads:This issue of The Puddledock Press…

Lucy Dodge Farmington News, Page2, 1907-12-20.pdf
Lucy Dodge Farmington News article, page2, 12-20-1907. Lucy Dodge was a well known figure during her life in Farmington and is one of the most notable black historical figures in the local record. Note this article cotains biases from the period.The…

Farmington NH First Congregational Church Clock Being Fixed (1).jpg
Photographs of the Farmington NH First Congregational Church clock being repaired. The color photos appear to be taken from a vantage point on Main Street. two workers can be seen doing work on the clock.

FHS- Kyle leach

Plaque James and Beulah.jpg
A collection of eight, 1996, color photographs of the Farmington High School dedication. A few are of the flag raising and procession. One is focused on benefactors James and Beulah Thayer seated at the ceremony. One is of a group at the ceremony…

Amasa W Shackford Obituary Page 4 of Farmington News,published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, February 7th, 1913.jpeg
The obituary of renowned photographer Amasa W Shackford. The obituary was published on page four of the Farmington News, It was published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, February 7th, 1913, and would have been available in the region.The…

Propaganda Flyer 4th July Knights Klan Farmington NH.jpg
Propaganda flyer, red ink on bright yellow-orange lightweight paper. 6.5" x 12"4th July Knights Klan Farmington NH flyer reads:4th of JulyCelebration 3 Days - 3 Days - 3 Days KOME AND KAMP ON THK GROUNDS Place, Farmington, N. H.Program SATURDAY. July…

Aldrich Factory Page 7 of Farmington News,published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, December 11th, 1903.jpeg
December 11, 1903 article from the Farmington News, titled "Farmington Illustrated." It is a four page article written by Ned L. Parker.

The article includes photos of many Farmington buildings, but does not credit the photographer in the…

Uncle Sam Comes Home article from the Farmington News, This is Page 1, July 12, 1973.

This is both a digital item and physical object in the museum collection.

FHS-Kyle Leach
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