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Farmington News, Page1, 1954-01-29 Old Time Farmington Ned Parker.pdf
A 1954 "Old Time Farmington," Farmington News article written by Ned Parker for the opening page of the paper. The article covers some of the beginnings of the Farmington News and some of the early writers for it. It also talks about some of the…

Glass Bottles Collection.jpg
A small collection, from Main Street Farmington, of 1880-1890's glass bottles. Found discarded under soil. One bottle is made for a local pharmacy in Farmington .

A clear medicine bottle that is a blown in mold and dates to 1880's to 1890's:…

Group Photo Puddledock Press November 1999 50 Years Farmington Historical Society.jpg
A Puddledock Press November 1999 issue with an article covering the 50 year anniversary of the Farmington Historical Society, with Photos.

Text of article reads:

Photo cations:

Eugene Nute, First President, Farmington Historical…

1940 Account 1875 Fire Church Farmington News, Page4, 1940-11-22.pdf
A 1940 remembrance of the 1875 fire at the First Congregational Church, as recorded in a communication to the editor and public of the Farmington News. The communication is written by Ned Parker and is on page 4, of the November 22nd 1940…

1929 Goodwin Library Dedication Booklet.pdf
A four page, 1929, Goodwin Library and Town Hall dedication booklet. The dedication took place on Friday, May 10, 1929. A special visit with "His Excellency" Governor Charles W Tobey was a prominent feature on the cover. It also includes drawings of…
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