Ned Parker Cottage Register Booklet Covering 1893 -1930


Ned Parker Cottage Register Booklet Covering 1893 -1930


A typed copy of the seventy-four page Ned Parker Pine Bluff Cottage register booklet, typed at the hand of Ned Parker. The register covers a period of 1893 -1930. Included are photos and comments that may not have been in the original record.

The register contains weather notations, musing on local happenings, details of visits from locals and people from afar, building updates and repairs, remembrances of celebrations, and accounts of day to day tasks and meals. It reads as a who is who of the Farmington, NH community during the four decades it covers.

The cottage was in Alton Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee formerly owned by S.S. Parker of Farmington and S.P. Nute

Please note the first file is a photo of the cover, the second is an encapsulated Zip file with an EXE that will open an interactive flip book of the yearbook upon download, and the last file is a PDF version. The best version to view is the EXE Flipbook of the yearbook, but you will need to download, unzip, and execute the flip-book file.

Size: 7"x 9.75"

Condition: Very Good

FHS- Kyle Leach


Ned Parker


Ned Parker


Circa 1893 -1930

Date Created

Circa 1893 -1930


Ned Parker



Ned Parker, “Ned Parker Cottage Register Booklet Covering 1893 -1930,” Farmington Historical Society-Museum of Farmington History, accessed July 17, 2024,

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