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1951 Congregational Church 75th Anniversary Booklet.pdf
A 1951 Congregational Church 75th anniversary bi-fold booklet with a photograph of the church on the cover. The event was scheduled for March 8, 1951. The founding of the church was September 15, 1819. The booklet lists the founders on the cover…

1818 Graduation Exercises Farmington High School Thursday July 1 1880 Congregational Church.jpg
A bi-fold booklet of the 1880 Graduation Exercises of the Farmington High School. The event was set for eight o' clock, Thursday July 1, 1880 at the Congregational Church in Farmington, NH. Music was planned, as well as eleven speakers, including the…

Farmington Building & Loan Association By-Laws Booklet.pdf
The Farmington Building & Loan Association started March 14th 1922 and operated until the late twentieth century.

Attached is an article from the New Hampshire Farmington News, Thursday , February 17 , 1972. The article talks about the earliest…
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