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Historical NH October 1952 Issue - NH Remembers The Indians Booklet.pdf
A thirty-six page booklet created by the New Hampshire Historical Society. The Historical New Hampshire, Volume 8 Number 2, October 1952 Issue covers remembrances of indigenous populations, as researched and complied by by Robinson V. Smith. It is…

One Thousand New Hampshire Notables Opening.jpg
A 558 page collection of indexed portraits & bios, from various NH men & women, from different walks of life, from the late 1800's & early 1900's. This collection contains several persons from Farmington NH.

This item is a digital file and it…

New Hampshire Men Opening Page.jpg
A 413 page collection of indexed portraits & bios, from various NH men, from different walks of life, from the late 1800's. This collection contains several men from Farmington NH.

They are: page 74-Hon. Alonzo Nute, page 167, Alonzo Irving Nute,…

IllustrationStatistics & Gazetteer of New Hampshire 1874  Farmington.jpg
The Statistics & Gazetteer of New Hampshire contains descriptions of all the counties and towns in New Hampshire from the period. It also describes principal features such as mountains, lakes, rivers, capes, bays, harbors, islands, and resorts or…

NH Profiles Magazine April 1952-SchullerMuseumFarmingtonNH.pdf
NH Profiles Magazine, April, 1952, Vol 1 No. 4-Article About Schuller Museum Farmington, NH

Leighton Colbath2.jpg
Leighton Colbath photograph in a gold, gilded frame with a velvet lined. case. Leighton Colbath 1804-1864 was cousin to Henry Wilson. He was from Middleton, NH. This digital photo cannot be found in the physical collection.
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