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Farmington News, Page1, 1954-01-29 Old Time Farmington Ned Parker.pdf
A 1954 "Old Time Farmington," Farmington News article written by Ned Parker for the opening page of the paper. The article covers some of the beginnings of the Farmington News and some of the early writers for it. It also talks about some of the…

# 640 1925 Raliroad Abandonment Plan Protested Special Town Meeting Called Farmington News, Page2, 1925-10-23.pdf
An October 23, 1925 Farmington News, page 2 article talking about the Boston & Maine railroad abandonment plan for the Farmington, NH rails and stop. This plan was heatedly discussed and protested and a special town meeting called to deal with the…

Farmington News, Page1, 1972-02-17 By Ed King Farmington Couple To End 27 Year Hotel Business Central house -Rest A While Inn.pdf
A Farmington News article , Page1, February 2, 1972, by Ed King, that covers the owners of the Rest A While Inn ending their twenty-seven year business of providing lodging at the hotel. In previous periods the hotel was commonly called the "Central…

1954 Farmington News A Frame Tent Card.jpg
A, 1954, Farmington News a-frame display tent card with headline and photo. The lead story is the fiftieth anniversary of Farmington's Old Home Celebration. The photo features the prize winning parade float by Saint Peter's Church, taken by Brother's…

Farmington Public Library history 1890 1935 Farmington News, Page4, 1952-12-12.pdf
Farmington Public Library- A history from its beginning to in 1890 until 1935. This account is from the Farmington News, Page 4, December 12, 1952. Written by Ethel B Nason, longtime librarian. The account covers how the library was formed, who…

Amasa W Shackford Obituary Page 4 of Farmington News,published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, February 7th, 1913.jpeg
The obituary of renowned photographer Amasa W Shackford. The obituary was published on page four of the Farmington News, It was published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, February 7th, 1913, and would have been available in the region.The…

Aldrich Factory Page 7 of Farmington News,published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, December 11th, 1903.jpeg
December 11, 1903 article from the Farmington News, titled "Farmington Illustrated." It is a four page article written by Ned L. Parker.

The article includes photos of many Farmington buildings, but does not credit the photographer in the…

Uncle Sam Comes Home article from the Farmington News, This is Page 1, July 12, 1973.

This is both a digital item and physical object in the museum collection.

FHS-Kyle Leach

The Great Sled Farmington News, Page1, 1899-12-08.pdf
A Farmington News article about "The Great Sled." This is Page 1, December 6, 1899.

FHS-Kyle Leach

Farmington News, Page1, 1964-07-09.pdf
A Farmington News article talking about Independence Day. This is Page 1 of the Thursday, July 9th, 1964. The piece about independence Day reads:4th of July celebrationFARMINGTON--A unique Fourth,of July community celebration,featured by an "Uncle…
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