J F Cloutman Shoe Co Work Resumed In New Factory Farmington News, Page2, 1918-12-13


J F Cloutman Shoe Co Work Resumed In New Factory Farmington News, Page2, 1918-12-13


A Farmington News article covering work being resumed at the J F Cloutman Shoe Co factory. Farmington News, Page2, 1918-12-13

The article reads:

The signal for the big business and
enterprise that is to contribute largely
to Farmington's future industrial career
was raised on Wednesday morning when
operations were commenced in the cutting
department at the new factory of
the J. F. Cloutman Shoe Company. The
new structure, which was completed on
December 2, has been an undertaking of
almost magic growth, that sprang from
tbe ashes of tbe burned factory that was
consumed ou tbe site in tbe big conflagration
of February 14, 1918. No sooner
was it obvious that tbe old building was
doomed tban it was announced that it
would be replaced with an _up-to date
plant. The fulfilment of tbe prophecy
was commenced early in May, as soon as
the ruins could be cleared away, and a
cement fouudation was laid for the
structure 200 feet long and 42 feet wide,
that would occupy the Main street front
on the area between Garfleld and Elm
streets. As soon as the foundation was
iu the building contract was placed in
the hands of Contractor Frank R. Copp,
and as is characteristic of Mr. Copp's
energy, no time was lost in erecting tbe
towering four-story frame that outlined
the proportious of tbe big shop. In the

course of tbe next few weeks building
materials simply flew ioto place while
the frame was being enclosed, aod a new
contract was placed for laying the
matched hard wood floors. As soon as
his work was completed, the contract
for installing the steam fitting, piping
and automatic sprinkler system was put
into execution and it is expected that it
will be completed the coming week.
Plumbing was done by tbe local Read-
Esty concern and the wiring and electric
fixtures were Installed by the Cloutman
Electric Co. All the contract work has
been done in a thorough, efficient and
expeditious manner that reflects credit
on contractors and workmen alike.
While there are several small details yet
to be attended to on the lower floors, all
will be completed by tbe new year and
all departments should be running at
that time.
The plant covers 9,000 square feet of
ground, approximately. is four stories
high and contains nearly 40,000 square
feet of working floor space which is furnished
with natural light from 400 large
indows. The top story will be occupied
by the cutting and a part of the
stitching departments; the third floor by
the stitching and lasting departments

the second by the making, finding and
treeing, and the ground floor by the sole
leather, packing and shipping, while tbe
150 feet concrete basement will be util
izid for stock storage purposes. When
in full operation, the plant will employ
about 300 hands and will be equipped
primarily to produce 200 dozen pairs of
shoes per day. Tbe big structure has an
imposing appearance and bears on the
front in large black letters the name,
"J. F. Cloutman Shoe Company." Although
the enterprise passed out of the
Cloutman bands some two years ago
and the plant now is owned by Joseph
E. Daly and K.J. Brown, both prominent
manufacturers and leather merchants of
Massachusetts, the Cloutman name is
still retained to identify the business as
the same that built up such a wonderful
reputation in the New England boot and
shoe trade durings a long and successful
history of manufacturing in Farmington.
The building was produced at an estimated
cost of $50,000 and does great
credit to the owners and organization
that have made it possible for the town
to be represented by such a concern. In
connection with the factory and directly
in the rear is located the steam beating

and power plant with adequate facilities
for furnishing these requisite needs.
Tbe office is an attractive one story
adjunct connected with the street floor
of the main building and consists of
three departments, tbe clerical room,
superintendent's office, aud tbe private
suite, all of-which are equipped with the
most modern appliances. Including steel
vault and safes. No unsanitary or unsightly
conditions will be allowed about
the premises, as a complete lavatory system
furnishes all sanitary conveniences
in each department.
During the time that the new building
has been in progress of construction the
firm has been producing from 100 to 125
dozen pairs of shoes per day in temporary
quarters It has occupied in the Roberta
and Curtis factories on North Main
The cutting department alone is in
operation at the present lime, but the
stitching machinery has been moved to
tbe new quarters and the other departments
are moving as fast as possible,and
it is expected that tbe New Year will see
tbe wheels well greased and turning
throughout tbe big factory that is one of
tbe objects of Farmington's civic pride.

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